We strongly uphold the traditional values that inspired our birth in 1919, when we were known as the Sheffield Consultative and Advisory Hospitals Council.

The ‘penny in the pound’ scheme – the forerunner of today´s health cash plan – was formed to help workers access free hospital treatment in return for a weekly contribution of a penny in every pound earned.

The History of Westfield Health through the War Years 1939 - 1945

Over 90 years later, we provide healthcare plans for over a third of a million policyholders and almost 9,000 organisations nationally operate a Westfield plan for their employees.

‘The History of Westfield Health through the War Years 1939 – 1945’ was written to mark our 90th anniversary.

The book recounts the launch of the ‘penny in the pound’ scheme in 1921, looks at how the city of Sheffield was affected by the war and how Westfield, despite many other national contributory schemes, continued to operate after the birth of the National Health Service in 1948. Click here to read more.

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