Protecting Our Policyholders

We have a commitment to high legal, ethical and moral standards to protect our policyholders.

We recognise that it is essential for all of our customers that we identify and prevent financial crime. As a result of this responsibility we operate strict controls to prevent and detect fraud and are committed to the continuous improvement of fraud prevention and detection techniques.

Westfield defines fraud as …

"dishonest, irregular or unlawful acts, characterised by a deliberate false entry or omission of material fact in order to misrepresent the true position resulting in an unfair gain or obtain any authorised benefit, whether or not for personal gain, for the benefit of an individual or group of individuals at a consequent loss to Westfield Health"

We prevent fraud by working closely with a number of bodies:

Please note: Where fraud is identified or suspected, irrespective of the amount involved, all cases will be thoroughly investigated. We will share data with other organisations under S29(3) of the Data Protection Act 1998, for the prevention/detection of crime and/or the apprehension/prosecution of offenders and action will be taken, as appropriate.

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