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This May get walking on your lunchbreak #WHWalkingLunch

Fitting in even the smallest of walks during your lunchbreak is proven to have both benefits for your physical and mental health. That’s why during May as part of Living Streets National Walking month, Westfield Health has launched the ‘Walking Lunch’ which is encouraging UK workers to reclaim their lunchbreak, get active and try to walk for twenty minutes in the middle of the day.



Not only that, we’re running a competition called the ‘Footsie 250’ which challenges individuals and workplace teams of 5 to see who can walk the most number of steps during May. We’ve some amazing prizes; the person who walks the farthest will win a FitBit watch, and the team will win £1000 to buy something which will improve the health and wellbeing of their workplace.

Checkout our leaderboard to see which of the Footsie 250 workplaces has risen to the challenge!


How it all works

step 1

Get a group of your workmates involved to make up a team of 5, and sign up for the Walking Lunch Footsie 250 here. You’ll be the team leader!

step 2

We’ll send a box of ‘Walking Lunch’ Pedometers to your workplace for you and your team, or you can simply use your smartphone to track your steps. Check out our blog for extra hints and tips to start you walking and get your team signed up here!

step 3

From the 1st May, get walking! Pound the pavements and paths near your workplace to try and walk for 20 minutes each weekday during your ‘Walking Lunch.’ Let us know how you’re getting on, share your selfies and stories using #WHWalkingLunch.

step 4

Check your pedometers and make sure each member of your team logs the number of steps they’ve walked that day on the Footsie 250 leaderboard. You’ll even be able to take a look at where you and your workplace compare to other teams throughout the UK!

step 5

At midnight on Tuesday 31st May, we’ll close the ‘Footsie 250’ challenge and announce the winners on Wednesday 1st June.