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Eldercare is now one of the fastest growing employee benefits and needs to be on every employer’s agenda.

With an ageing population and people living longer than ever before, many employees are finding themselves part of the ‘sandwich generation’ – balancing work with looking after their own children and possibly grandchildren, along with caring for older family members.

How can we help?

By helping your business to manage and support your valued employees and their families on their ageing journey.

The facts

  • Over 3m workers are juggling work with informal care for sick or older parents/dependents
  • That’s 1 in 7 employees balancing paid work with eldercare responsibilities
  • This will continue to rise in line with ageing workforces and rising life expectancy
  • 90% of working carers are aged 30+ (typically 45+) and often at the peak of their careers

Our offering

The 3rings plug is a simple, cost effective solution to help staff who are struggling to balance work with caring for their ageing loved ones.

3rings is a smart plug, supported by an online portal, which helps provide peace of mind and reassurance to your employees that their family members are OK every day. Helping them to better manage their family responsibilities and reduce disruption in their working life.

More about the 3rings plug

Benefits to your business

  • Helps reduce ad hoc absenteeism
  • Minimises staff turnover associated with caring responsibilities
  • Improves employee wellbeing
  • Improves productivity
  • Improves staff engagement and loyalty

Benefits to your staff

  • Helps reduce the physical, mental and financial stress of juggling caring with working life
  • Minimises loss of income from time off for caring for their ageing loved ones
  • Staff feel more valued and motivated at work knowing that their employer understands their situation


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