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Case Studies

'Harder working' isn't just something we say - it's what we do. We're keen to demonstrate this, so what better way than hearing from some of our customers.

In these case studies you can find out how we work harder to ensure our customers find the right cover and make the best use of it.

Iris’ story

The plug was designed because Steve, founder of 3rings and his family were worried about their Mum, Iris.

Iris is in her 80’s and lives happily and independently in her own home. One morning, compression fractures in her back left Iris unable to get out of bed. The phone and emergency call button were in reach, but Iris didn’t raise the alarm.

The 3rings plug was there to let Iris’ family know that something wasn’t right by alerting them when she didn’t turn her kettle on that morning. 

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How mum’s bedside lamp gives us all a good night’s sleep.

When it comes to looking after our elderly parents, we never stop worrying says retired Civil Servant, Gill Dransfield. She believes that you can learn to manage your worrying and with a little help from technology, can even reduce it.

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A personal experience by an experienced telehealthcare professional.

I came across 3rings to help my elderly father. It was relatively low cost and entirely none intrusive. I plugged my father’s kettle into it and told him that we were going to monitor his use of the kettle. He had no problem with this.

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Making sure mum is OK when we’re 7,000 miles apart.

Trying to look after an elderly parent can be difficult at the best of times, even if they live close by. But when you’re nearly 7,000 miles apart, keeping an eye on mum or dad can be especially hard.

That’s the reality, however, for Julie, who for much of the year lives in Singapore – the other side of the world from her 84 year old mum Joyce, whose home is in Oldham in Greater Manchester. 

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Ivy wouldn’t want to be without her 3rings plug now.

Steve Williams is co-owner of the Bolton office of the Home Instead Senior Care network. This is a brief insight into his first experience when he tried the 3rings Plug with his 83 year old mum, Ivy.

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Helping dad stay independent with technology.

It’s two years since 85 year old Arthur was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s – and one thing he certainly isn’t short of is people worrying about him.

All four of Arthur’s children live within a few miles of his home in Prestwich in North Manchester and if they’re not popping round to check on him, they’re calling to ask if he’s OK.

The 3rings plug is easing some of their anxiety around their dad and his condition. 

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For a retired school teacher and her elderly mum.

For retired schoolteacher Rosemary Phillips, looking after her elderly mum has been tough for the last seven years.

Thanks to the 3rings plug, a device designed to help people keep check on their elderly relatives, she has recently discovered a new found peace of mind – and some relief from the stress of it all.

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