The Advantage Health Cash Plan

Health can be an unpredictable thing. One minute you're ok the next something comes out of the blue... At times like these it's reassuring to know that with the right health cover you can get prompt diagnosis and treatment; it's even better to know you can get help with the costs too. That's why we're here.

Gails Bakery is providing you with access to affordable health cover for a small monthly cost.

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What's covered?

  • Peace of mind from just £5.80 per month
  • Cover for your partner and dependent children on some benefits at no additional cost
  • Money back towards everyday healthcare expenses (optical, dental and therapy treatments)
  • Fixed cash payouts for hospital stays and if you have a baby
  • Prescription charges on Levels 3-5
  • Personal accident cover
  • Health and wellbeing services, including 24 hr GP consultation phone line and a webcam service
  • 24 Hour Helpline - legal, debt and speak to a counsellor
  • Eldercare advice and support services
  • And much more...