Follow your head or your heart

Get the perfect balance of cover and value with the No.1 in corporate paid health cash plans.

Whether you’re focused on profits or people, your organisation could be better off with our award winning health cover. The cost effective way to reduce absenteeism, attract top performers and reward your staff with the cover they deserve, it’s a market leading product without the premium price.

Follow your head

Wise heads like to maximise their return on investment:

  • Rise to the challenge of absenteeism

  • Attract the top talent and put the brakes on staff turnover

  • Adapt to the impact of an ageing workforce

  • Take the strain out of managing stress related illness

  • Improve productivity and see the difference in your bottom line

Follow your heart

Caring hearts reward their staff:

  • Prioritise health and get the care your people deserve

  • Reward effort and commitment with award winning cover

  • Enhance health and wellbeing benefits cost effectively

  • Help meet your duty of care responsibilities

  • Ensure there's someone to talk to when staff need support, 24/7

Do you follow you head or your heart?

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