The importance of working with the right supplier is paramount. Get the partnership right and the journey to achieving your health and wellbeing objectives will be easier. Get it wrong and you could be pouring time and money down the drain.

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Case study
Boston College

Boston College, based in Lincolnshire, wanted to promote staff health and wellbeing and needed health cover that would help support their hardworking employees and, at the same time, reduce their sickness absence levels. They introduced the Westfield Mosaic Health Cash Plan to help them achieve this.

  • More than two per cent drop in sickness absence
  • Employees are able to get health problems seen to quickly and easily
  • More than 70 members of staff used health screening and, in some cases, health risks have been identified

Case study
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals

To prove the effectiveness of our health assessments, Sheffield Hallam University carried out a six month pilot with 50 staff members at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals. The programme returned a saving of over £36,000 based solely on the reduced sickness absence of participants. It produced significant improvements in levels of aerobic fitness, weight and cardiovascular disease risk factors.

Almost nine out of ten participants agreed the project had a positive impact on their motivation to make changes to their lifestyle or health. This included physical activity (71%) and improving healthy eating (71%).

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Sheffield Teaching Hospital
  • Returned a saving of £36,000
  • 98% agreed it would be a valuable workplace benefit
  • 95% reported making changes to their health or lifestyle
  • 97% rated their experience of the programme as excellent or very good

Case study
Allen Vending Services

Allen Vending Services previously provided private medical insurance for their employees, but they were finding it quite complicated and then the premiums increased making it unviable for the business.

Managing Director Bob Allen decided to replace their PMI with a Westfield Health cash plan. This enabled him to continue to provide health cover for his workforce, while reducing costs by 75%. And the move was also welcomed by staff, who find the Westfield Health claims process simple and efficient.

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Allen Vending Services
  • Reduced costs by 75%
  • The company was able to provide health cover for all staff
  • Staff able to manage it themselves

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