Addiction NI

"Westfield Health gave us a way of rewarding our staff by helping them to access additional health and wellbeing services and giving them cash in their pocket to help pay for routine healthcare expenses. Overall, the Foresight Health Plan is a great product and we have all won through it - the staff and the organisation."

Thelma Abernethy, Director, Addiction NI


Addiction NI is a drug and alcohol treatment charity based in Belfast. The organisation wanted to reward their 32 members of staff and chose to introduce Westfield Health's Foresight Health Cash Plan.


Due to the economic pressure all businesses are currently facing, many are turning to alternative ways to reward staff. Addiction NI wanted to do just that.


Since introducing the Foresight Health Plan, the company has seen a positive response from staff. Many have accessed services that they may not have been able to access without having the health cover in place, such as consultations, scanning and counselling.

How did we help

  • Staff get help with their family medical expenses

  • Excellent way to reward staff

  • Fast access to treatment and services such as scanning and consultations