Allen Vending Services

“Westfield Health has provided us with a better value healthcare package for employees and, due to its simplicity, staff are largely able to manage it themselves. The Chamber Plan has enabled us to provide healthcare access for everyone, while keeping our costs down – which is of course important for any business.”

Bob Allen, Managing Director


Allen Vending Services is a machine vending company based in Nottingham. They provide a Westfield Health cash plan for all 18 members of staff.


The company previously provided private medical insurance for their employees, but they were finding it quite complicated - and then the premiums increased, making it unviable for the business.


Managing Director Bob Allen decided to replace their PMI with the Chamber Primary Health Plan. This enabled him to continue to provide health cover for his workforce, while reducing costs by 75%. And the move was also welcomed by staff, who find the Westfield Health claims process simple and efficient.

How did we help

  • Reduced costs by 75%

  • Able to provide health cover for everyone

  • Staff able to manage it themselves