HLM Architects

"We chose the Westfield Mosaic Health Plan because of its flexibility as we were able to pick and choose from a shopping list of benefits so we could tailor the plan to our needs. We believe offering the plan to our staff shows we care because it provides benefits that go above and beyond what many other employers are prepared to provide, and it helps us to recruit and retain staff."

Karen Mosley, Director and Company Secretary, HLM Architects


National firm HLM Architects, based in Sheffield, was reviewing its employee benefits package and wanted to encourage staff to lead a healthy lifestyle. Westfield Mosaic is a flexible quoting system that enables employers to tailor a health cash plan specifically to their needs.


When reviewing their company's employee benefits package, HLM Architects wanted a benefit that staff could use every day and that would put money back in their pocket. They considered income protection and life insurance but recognised these benefits would only be used in the event of something serious happening.


After introducing the Westfield Mosaic Health Plan, HLM found that the benefits they chose were tailored perfectly to the company's healthy lifestyle ethos and the work that they do, which is mainly desk based. The health cover helped them to show staff that they care, by providing benefits above and beyond what many other employers are prepared to provide.

How did we help

  • Tailored to help with problems associated with the work that the company does

  • Westfield Rewards, our exclusive retail discount website has helped staff to save money and has proved extremely popular

  • Helped to recruit and retain staff