Sir Thomas Wharton Community College

“Introducing the health plan was extremely straightforward and has been a massive success. Staff are very helpful and knowledgeable, and the claims system is easy and quick. The cover is of great benefit, both to the college and our staff, and we happily recommend it to other Co-operative schools and colleges.”

Julie Pawson, Head of Administration


Academy status provides Sir Thomas Wharton Community College with the freedom to determine its pay and rewards and, in an increasingly competitive environment, the flexibility to offer employee benefits. They chose to provide our Chamber Primary Health Plan for their staff.


As an academy, they had to balance the requirement to provide increasing duty of care responsibilities to their employees, while addressing the impact of absenteeism in their business.


Westfield Health fit with the college's Co-operative values of ‘embracing a spirit of social, ethical and environmental responsibility’. Our Chamber Plan gave them an affordable and flexible way to encourage proactive employee health, improve productivity, motivation and morale, and attract and retain staff.

How did we help

  • Westfield Health fits nicely with their values

  • Affordable way to encourage proactive employee health and improve productivity and staff morale

  • Helps to meet duty of care responsibilities while addressing absenteeism