Surgery Choices makes private surgery and medical treatment more affordable and accessible so your staff can be treated quicker and back in the workplace far sooner.

Innovative employee health cover


Surgery Choices provides employees with immediate cover for new conditions and fast access to fixed price private treatment packages.

As NHS waiting lists and private medical insurance costs continue to grow there’s never been a better time to rethink your corporate health needs. Your employees have access to prompt private medical treatment for a whole range of conditions (excluding heart and cancer).

With Surgery Choices, employees benefit from quick treatment and you benefit from fewer absence days.


Employer benefits:

  • 61% of employers say their health cover helps them to be seen as an employer of choice (Employee Benefits Healthcare Research 2013)
  • Your staff get treated sooner and back to work quickly
  • Cover is affordable – with private treatment available from just £5.83 per employee, per month
  • There’s one price for all (prices aren’t age related) and premiums won’t increase with claims
  • Setting up a policy is simple and straightforward
  • You have the option to cover different groups of staff on different levels

Employee benefits:

  • Employees receive prompt access to private treatment for non-urgent surgical and medical procedures such as knee and hernia operations
  • They can choose from a wide range of hospitals – private or NHS
  • There’s no medical required, and no excess to pay

Compare health cover solutions

Benefits Health cash plansHCP Surgery ChoicesHTI Combined solutionHCP
Routine dental x
Routine optical x
Therapy treatments x
Chiropody x
Consultation x
MRI, CT and PET scanning x
24h Counselling and Advice Line x
Non-urgent surgery x
Surgeon / physician fees x
Anaesthetist fees x
Patient accommodation and meals x
Drugs and dressings x
Inpatient tests, as part of a surgical procedure x
Surgical complications within 30 days x
Cancer / Heart treatment x x x
Psychiatric inpatient x x x

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