Our range of wellbeing webinars and 1:1 online coaching sessions help employees to build confidence through development of skills and techniques and ensure they are engaged and productive. Perfect for a bespoke wellbeing strategy or to address specific organisational needs, our Company Wellbeing Webinars are arranged just for your organisation, be it a small team or whole department.

Key features:

Interactive format

Practical and thought-provoking discussion

Handouts and exercises included

Delivered by our team of expert health and wellbeing coaches

Our team of over 50 coaches are experts in delivering a wide range of health and wellbeing webinars tailored to the needs of your organisation. Meet some of the team in our brochure.

Woman on health and wellbeing webinar

Wellbeing Webinar and Coaching Session Formats

Whether you require a schedule of topics or a one-off webinar, you can choose the topics and format that best suits your organisational needs.

Live coaching webinars

Hosted by one of our subject experts, our wellbeing webinars last for one hour (45 minute seminar plus 15 minutes Q&A and discussion).

Group coaching webinars

Run by a specialist Wellbeing Coach via Zoom, we provide a set of framework questions on your selected topic. A representative from your business acts as host, interviewing the coach with these questions. Your people are encouraged to join in, making this a highly interactive, flexible and engaging online coaching option.

1:1 coaching sessions

Run by a specialist Wellbeing Coach providing personal 1:1 lifestyle coaching sessions via Zoom, these sessions are delivered in full or half day formats. You select the topic for the day, and we work together to create the format based on the length and number of sessions you want to deliver.

Pre-recorded webinars

These recordings are available for 7 days with unlimited access from your chosen delivery date. Each last approximately 45 minutes.

Wellbeing Webinar Topics

Work Well

Thriving in the ‘new normal’

Although we sometimes don’t like being taken out of our ‘comfort zone’, flexibility in how we operate can take us away from old ways of seeing things to new ways of ‘doing’ things. This webinar focuses on what we can do right now to see new ways of living and working for health and wellbeing advantage.

Dealing with uncertainty

Few of us have ever experienced the disruption to our daily lives that we are experiencing today and the associated uncertainty, anxiety and fear. As we begin a new phase of transition to new ways of working, this webinar reminds us of what we can do to ensure our own ‘psychological safety’ and ‘physical resilience’.

Realigning time, energy and effort

Whether we are returning to work, continuing to work from home, or returning to the workplace, we are likely to be facing higher demands and workloads both at work and at home. This webinar will focus on creating a more productive and balanced way of operating to meet the challenge of transition.

Working from home

The ‘new normal’ will mean more of us working from home more often and for some, working at home will a permanent change. The webinar will look at how we can optimise our time and energy to thrive whilst working from home, whilst maximising our personal wellbeing and work performance.

Maintaining domestic balance

Working from home can create pressures due to restricted space and competing demands. Flexibility, emotional intelligence and practical ways to deal with potential conflict will be critical. This webinar covers practical measures we can take to identify and help manage the needs of others to maintain healthy and happy relationships at home.

Thriving on change

Within the last few months most of us have been thrust into a major change in the way we live and work, but how do we adapt again to the challenge of returning to work and how can we learn to thrive on this change. This webinar focuses on how we can smooth the transition to a new way of working and what we can do to ensure personal balance in the ‘new normal’.

Safe commuting

A positive mindset and being alert to risks will help keep us safe while commuting. This webinar focuses on simple strategies to build awareness and to adopt safe and practical behaviours while commuting. It will focus on practical, personal interventions to build both our mental and physical resilience to commuting.

Back care and posture

Whether we are working from home or our usual place of work, it is essential to maintain good postural balance. This webinar focuses on the best way to engage with our technology and environment to ensure we maintain postural balance. Learn how to improve posture and back care and more effective and natural ways to work and operate in typical workplace situations and workspaces. The webinar will also cover how to alleviate back pain and how to manage chronic conditions related to poor posture and inactivity.

Dealing effectively with high pressure situations

High pressure situations will inevitably arise as we return to work and enter a new phase of working. This webinar will focus on practical ways we can optimise our performance while under pressure and how to be mindful of the pressures that others may be facing.

Mental health awareness

It is inevitable that the past few months will have had an impact on the mental health of many. Feeling mentally healthy is a state of wellbeing in which we realise our own potential, can cope with the stresses of life, work productively and are able to contribute to the community that we live and work in. This webinar will help everyone to be more aware of their own mental health and become more aware of what to look for in colleagues who maybe feeling the pressures of change.

In addition to the mental health awareness webinar, we offer Mental Health First Aid courses online certified by Mental Health First Aid England.

Certified Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

This course is certified by MHFA England and qualifies your employees as MHFAiders, giving them an in-depth understanding of mental health and the factors that can affect wellbeing, as well as practical skills to spot the triggers and signs of a range of mental health issues. The session is delivered by an accredited instructor through four self-directed (7 hours total) and four tutor led (7 hours total) session. The same certificate is awarded for this online course as for the 2-day face to face training. Minimum 6 attendees – maximum 12 attendees.

Certified MHFA Refresher

It is good practice for MHFAiders and MHFA Champions to refresh their skills, the same way physical first aiders do. This 4-hour course is led by an accredited instructor and supports your MHFAiders and MHFA Champions to maintain their skills and knowledge learned on their original course. Minimum 6 attendees – maximum 14 attendees.

Certified MHFA Aware

Suitable for all employees, this 4-hour introductory session is designed to increase mental health awareness, help challenge stigma and discrimination, educate employees on how to start a conversation with someone experiencing mental health issues and how to look after themselves. Minimum 6 attendees – maximum 14 attendees.

Coaching support for MHFAiders & Champions

The 2.5 hour interactive session explores how MHFAiders & Champions can refresh and build on the skills and knowledge required to be a MHFAider/Champion, with an emphasis on how to engage with and support people remotely. It is also an opportunity to share and discuss best practice and how MHFAiders & Champions can practice their own self care.

Live Well

Developing mental resilience

As we return to work there will be many unfamiliar aspects of our work style that we will need to embrace. We will need to operate safely and effectively. This webinar will focus on how we can maintain a high degree of mental resilience to embrace pressure and change positively during this new phase of transition.

Work life balance

Change can impact on our personal sense of balance and put strain on our work, personal, family and social lives. This webinar will focus on how we can address imbalance and proactively manage difficult circumstances in life, while also looking at how we can balance energy inputs out outputs to create better equilibrium and balance in life.

Physical resilience: managing personal energy and fatigue

As we face even more new challenges there is still an expectation to perform at a high level, but under ever increasing uncertainty and pressure it is easy for us to feel physically fatigued and to ‘run out of steam’. Our energy levels dictate how well we cope with pressure. This webinar introduces the concept of energy management; how energy influences performance in all aspects of our lives; and how to pace ourselves to peak at the right times.

The power of positive thinking

We are what we think. Our outlook on life and our attitude toward ourselves can have a major impact on our perception of the challenges we face in returning to work. This webinar will focus on practical steps we can take to adopt a more positive outlook to developing our resilience to the pressures we face in returning to work.

Healthy eating: choice for change

“We are what we eat”. There are many questions circulating about our diet and immune systems. This webinar will separate the facts from and myths and identify how to develop optimal health by considering what we eat and when we eat it. We will look at our relationship with food and how to make the right food choices in a sustainable way.

Optimising sleep

Change and uncertainty can impact the quality of our sleep. Poor sleep reduces our ability to cope effectively with pressure, worry and anxiety; it also reduces our physical resilience. This Webinar will help us understand the importance of good sleep, the key issues related to poor sleep quality and focus on simple, practical tips to improve sleep pattern and sleep quality and to reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Emotional wellness

This webinar is designed to help us to understand and manage our emotions and feelings to enhance our performance and sense of fulfilment. This is particularly important in times of great uncertainty. The webinar offers practical tips and strategies to develop greater ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and to apply this to the challenges we face in our work lives and our personal lives.

Introduction to mindfulness

We are all either going through or preparing for changes in our lifestyles and work styles. Many of us would benefit from an opportunity to take an emotional rest and temporarily, be free from anxiety and negative feelings. Mindfulness is a way of ‘paying attention’ to the present and usually starts by simply slowing down and ‘following the breath’ which immediately calms the body and mind, reducing heart rate and blood pressure. This webinar provides an insight into the concept of Mindfulness and introduces practical techniques to get started in more mindful practices that can be used both at work and at home.

Applied relaxation

Our natural reaction to change and uncertainty will be to raise our physical preparedness and minds for action, which in turn can produce anxiety. This webinar introduces personal relaxation techniques to deal more effectively with physical tension and anxiety. The webinar will assist in increasing early awareness of anxiety signs and symptoms and teach how to take control of personal anxiety responses when in pressure situations.

Pace life better

There is no doubt that how well we pace ourselves will determine how effectively we cope with changes in our personal and working work lives. Get it right and we will ride the wave of change, get it wrong and we could sink beneath it. Taking advantage of the natural operating rhythms of the body has profound benefits on our physical and mental health. It is better to do what your brain is asking you to do – relax and recharge the batteries on a frequent basis throughout the day. This webinar will help us to understand how to align our working day with the body’s natural rhythms, to build optimal recovery and performance states and to reduce fatigue.

Energy for life

Change, uncertainty and apprehension can cause negative emotions and left unchecked; our feelings of low mood will have an impact on our energy levels. Our energy levels and feelings of fatigue will determine how well we feel at any moment in time and dictate how well we perform. This webinar will ask us to think of our energy levels like a bank account – throughout the working day there will be withdrawals and opportunities to make deposits to keep the balance topped up. The webinar introduces the concept of Personal Energy Management with simple and practical tips on how to maintain energy levels throughout the day, together with smarter ways of working.

Safe start to exercise

A new perception of the benefits of exercise has clearly emerged and more and more people are getting more physical active. The benefits of feeling fitter are clear and it is essential that we continue to lead healthier and more active lifestyles. This webinar focuses on how to implement an effective exercise programme. It will look at how to plan and monitor weekly exercise routines and practical ways to move more while you commute, at break times and while working.

Money, happiness and wellbeing

Money and our feelings of financial security underpin most major decisions we make in life – where we can live, how we provide for our families, the lifestyle we can lead and indeed, how we survive. There’s no doubt that our economic wellbeing is closely related to our overall health and sense of personal balance. This webinar introduces practical ways to view money and our relationship with it in a different light, which can have a positive impact and lead to improved wellbeing.

Health leadership

Never has health leadership been more important. The leadership within an organisation and within teams determines whether the culture and environment are conducive to and supportive of good health and wellbeing. Our health leadership training is suitable for all levels of line management.

Building resilient leaders

Change and transition affects us all. How we personally lead the transition into a new phase will impact on how our team members follow. We need to ensure we are personally equipped to be the best we can be in order to lead our teams effectively in returning to work and in embracing a new era of how we work.

Managing your team’s performance under pressure

Returning to work and working in new ways creates uncertainty and pressure for our team members and teams. Their resilience to pressure will dictate their performance. As leaders, we need to ensure our team members our personally equipped to handle these pressures and to thrive by being the ‘best that they can be’.

Supporting your team’s mental resilience

“We are stronger together”. As we transition into new ways of working and dealing with new challenges in the way we work, the power and strength is in the team. As leaders we can lead and support the mental resilience of our people to enable them to perform at their optimum.

Developing high energy teams

Change and uncertainty drain energy levels. Your team’s physical resilience and energy levels will dictate what they can do and how well they do it. As leaders we can coach in smarter ways of working, prioritising and managing workloads. We can also act as role models demonstrating effective Personal Energy Management.

Building your team’s emotional resilience

How we understand and manage our emotions and feelings will influence how well we perform, both within the team and in relationships team members have with other teams, clients and suppliers. An effective leader needs emotional intelligence and needs to develop an aligned emotional intelligence throughout the team.

Mental health awareness

Uncertainty, worry, anxiety and stress will be amplified during change. As we return to work and transition into new ways of doing things, leaders need to finely tune their awareness of the mental health of their teams. Leaders are not necessarily counsellors, but to be effective leaders they need to be aware of the mental health challenges their team members may be facing, be more aware of what to look for in colleagues who may not be coping well and to better understand how they can support them.

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