Private Health Insurance

Our unique health insurance product makes private surgery and medical treatment more affordable and accessible, so your staff can be treated quicker and back in the workplace far sooner.

They’ll have fast access to fixed price private treatment packages, should they need surgery for a whole range of conditions such as knee and hip replacements, slipped discs and abdominal hernias.

Key features

  • Two levels of corporate paid cover
  • Four underwriting options
  • One price to pay for all employees
  • No medical required and no excess to pay
  • Immediate cover for new conditions
  • Up to three operations, per employee in any consecutive 12 month period
  • Choice of hospital - Private and NHS
  • Plan details
Plan details

Our two levels of corporate paid cover

Surgery Choices 1

From £5.83 per employee, per month

  • Covers over 60 specific surgical procedures (excluding heart and cancer)
  • Maximum benefit of £100,000 during the lifetime of an employee’s cover

Surgery Choices 2

From £17.36 per employee, per month

  • Medical procedures requiring a general anaesthetic are covered
  • Medical procedures requiring a regional or local anaesthetic in conjunction with an incision involving a surgical knife are covered
  • Endoscopic fibre optic procedures are covered
  • Heart and cancer procedures are excluded
  • Maximum benefit of £250,000 during the lifetime of an employee’s cover

How to set up your health plan

Step 1 – Book your appointment

Phone us, email us or arrange a call back to book your appointment.

Step 2 – Attend your appointment

Our Consultant will help you put everything in place to set up your plan. We’ll also discuss the best ways in which to engage your employees.

Launching your plan

Once set up, you’ll receive an email detailing everything you need to know. Your employees will also receive a Welcome Pack.

Ongoing support

Regular reviews will take place to ensure your objectives are being met and your employees are getting the most from their cover.

Need help choosing the right business health plan?