Westfield Mosaic Health Plan

Ideally suited to medium to large sized companies looking to tailor their health and wellbeing plan to the needs of the business. With 20 benefits and services to choose from, it provides employers with a flexible product.

Key features

  • Corporate paid plan for companies with 50 or more employees
  • Pre-existing medical conditions (except Personal Accident cover and Private Health Insurance) covered
  • Immediate cover on all benefits (except for Maternity/Paternity/Adoption benefit)
  • Employer services available
  • Dependent children covered on core benefits at no extra cost
  • Voluntary upgrades and partner cover available
  • Plan details
Plan details

Benefit table key
  • 1yr 1 year benefit period
  • 100 100% money back

Benefit cover for employees

Core Benefits
A minimum of two core benefits must be selected when creating your bespoke Westfield Mosaic Health Plan
Optical 1yr 100 From £30 up to £250
Money back towards sight tests, prescription glasses, prescription sunglasses, contact lenses, contact lens solution and more.
Dental 1yr 100 From £30 up to £250
Money back towards check ups, technicians fees, treatments, dentures and more.
Therapy Treatments 1yr 100
Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Osteopathy.
From £100 up to £750
Money back towards therapy treatments.
Consultation 1yr 100 From £100 up to £750
Money back towards diagnostic consultations.
Additional Money Back Benefits
Dental Accident 1yr 100 From £60 up to £500
Money back towards dental treatment as a result of accidental injury.
Chiropody 1yr 100 From £35 up to £250
Money back towards chiropody treatments.
Health Screening 1yr 100 From £100 up to £250
Money back towards full health screening, well-woman screening, well-man screening, breast screening, heart disease screening and bone density screening.
Cash Payouts
In-patient 1yr
Per night, up to 30 nights per year.
From £10 up to £80
Fixed cash payout following an in-patient stay in hospital.
Day Surgery 1yr
Per day, up to 10 days per year.
From £10 up to £80
Fixed cash payout when admitted as a day case patient.
Maternity / Paternity / Adoption 1yr
Per child.
From £50 up to £400
Fixed cash payout following the arrival of a new baby/adoption of a child.
Health and Wellbeing
Private Health Insurance
Our unique health insurance product makes private surgery and medical treatment more affordable and accessible, so your staff can be treated quicker and back in the workplace far sooner.
Scanning Service - MRI, CT & PET scans
- For the policyholder. Following a referral from a Consul tant, employees must call our Scanning Helpline on 0345 345 4556 and they will arrange the scan.
Access to state of the art scanning machines, which can give advance warning or early diagnosis of potential problems and enable preventative treatment.
Wellbeing and Alternative Therapies 1yr 100 From £75 up to £200
Acupressure, Allergy/Food Intolerance Testing, Aromatherapy, Hypnotherapy, Indian Head Massage, Nutritional Therapy, Reflexology, Reiki and Sports Massage.
For the policyholder and their family.
24/7 telephone/webcam service for the policyholder and their family to speak to a fully qualified UK GP at a time convenient to them, wherever they are in the world.
Best Doctors®
For the policyholder and their family.
Access to an expert second medical opinion service.
24 Hour Advice and Information Line
Counselling, legal, health and wellbeing advice.
Access to our 24/7 telephone service offering guidance on medical, legal and domestic issues.
Face to Face Counselling / Cognitive Behavourial Therapy (CBT)
Six sessions.
Up to 6 sessions of face to face counselling / Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).
Health Club Concession
Discounted membership at local gyms.
Personal Accident £10k, £20k, £30k, £40k, £50k
Accidental Death / Permanent Disability fixed payouts.
Westfield Rewards
Our exclusive rewards website, with special offers on goods and services from over 350 leading retailers.

How to set up your health plan

Step 1 – Book your appointment

Phone us, email us or arrange a call back to book your appointment.

Step 2 – Attend your appointment

Our Consultant will help you put everything in place to set up your plan. We’ll also discuss the best ways in which to engage your employees.

Launching your plan

Once set up, you’ll receive an email detailing everything you need to know. Your employees will also receive a Welcome Pack.

Ongoing support

Regular reviews will take place to ensure your objectives are being met and your employees are getting the most from their cover.

Need help choosing the right business health plan?