Health and wellbeing can transform the face of your company, but it's not always easy to know where to start and how to sell it to the rest of the business. Read our useful resources below for more information on health and wellbeing, how to implement it and the benefits it can bring to your business. 

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Absence calculator

How much does employee ill health cost your organisation? Input your business costs into our absence calculator for an estimate of your current sickness costs and how much you could save were you to reduce them. You can even email your detailed results to yourself or a colleague. 

Free Health & Wellbeing Toolkit

This guide contains everything you need to create your own health & wellbeing strategy, with step-by-step information on defining your objectives, choosing your supplier, implementing the process and evaluating and optimising performance going forwards. 

Ultimate Christmas Survival Guide

Our free Ultimate Christmas Survival Guide offers practical advice on surviving the festive season, covering four areas of health and wellbeing: how to eat well, how to keep active, coping with stress and how to sleep better.

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