7 reasons to start a Westfield Health cash plan today

7 reasons to start a Westfield Health cash plan today

A fresh approach to a new year

Improving you and your family’s health and wellbeing, and saving money, are two important goals for January as we bid farewell to the indulgences of Christmas. It may feel like a struggle to tackle both at the same time but a health cash plan is a great way to help you achieve your goals for the new year.

What is a health cash plan?

A health cash plan allows you to claim money back, up to set limits, towards the cost of your essential healthcare, as well as providing access to valuable health and wellbeing services.

Simply send the receipts for your expenses and you’ll receive the money back in your bank account quickly. The amount you can claim back will depend on your plan level and your benefit allowance will refresh every one or two years.

How can a health cash plan help me?

There are loads of reasons why over 400,000 people have a cash plan with Westfield Health.

  1. It can greatly ease family finances - Dental check-ups and treatments; eye tests and glasses or contact lenses; physiotherapy treatment; these are all essential costs that quickly add up, especially for families. A health cash plan gives you the power to claim money back on these types of bills and pay for them just when you need them.

  2. Your kids are included on key benefits for free! - On a Westfield Health cash plan your children will be included on your policy for free, potentially saving you hundreds of pounds a year.

  3. It gives you much needed flexibility - Fitting family doctor’s appointments around an already hectic schedule can be a tricky task. The cash plan gives you 24/7, worldwide telephone access to a prescribing GP. This also includes online webcam appointments so you can discuss the problem face to face and show the doctor any issues.

  4. You can take care of your mental health - Prioritising your own mental health can also be a challenge; discussing how you feel with a stranger can seem daunting and finding time to book an appointment near impossible. Our plan provides 24/7 access to a confidential counselling line, meaning that someone can be there to reach out to on legal, debt or personal issues whenever you feel the need.

  5. It gives you peace of mind - Knowing that you can always pay for essential healthcare gives you one less thing to worry about. Plans on level 3 and above also contain personal accident, accidental death and permanent disability cover, so you know - if the worst should happen - that your family will be taken care of.

  6. You get worldwide cover - You can still make a claim as normal if you’re temporarily travelling anywhere in the world, and even speak to a practising UK GP over the phone.

  7. Loads of shopping discounts - Our cash plan also includes access to Westfield Rewards, which includes discounts at over 800 leading restaurants and online and high street retailers. Helping you save even more.

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