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How to claim

Some people say you only find out how good our cover is when you make a claim, which is why we make it so simple.

We aim to process your claims and get your money back as soon as we can, and the fastest way to do this for our most popular benefits (optical, dental, chiropody and therapy treatments) is via My Westfield or the My Westfield mobile app.


Money back claims

To receive money back where you've paid for treatments, goods or services such as visits to the opticians or dentist.

  1. Receive and pay for your healthcare treatment as normal
  2. Claim via our My Westfield App, online or by completing and sending us a claim form
  3. You'll need your original receipt
  4. Claim within 26 weeks
  5. Receive payment directly into your bank account. All done!

Claim online

You can claim online for all of your cash plan benefits. You will need your bank account details, receipt and practitioner's details to hand.

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Claim online on My Westfield

The My Westfield mobile app

Submit your claims using our My Westfield mobile app and you'll get the money back into your account even quicker.

  • Download the app from Google Play or the App Store
  • Register (if you've already registered on My Westfield, your username and password will work on our app)
  • Complete the details of your treatment and take a photo of your receipt
  • Submit it to us

Your claim will usually be processed within two working days.

It's as simple as that!

Postal claims

Complete a claim form and send it back to us, together with your original receipt.

Download and print a claim form

Post it back to us:

Claims Team
Westfield Health
PO Box 340
S98 1XB

Alternatively claim forms can be dropped at our counter facility.

Cash payouts

For hospital benefit claims and if you have a baby, we'll pay you a cash lump sum to spend however you like.

  • Hospital benefit claim forms must be completed, signed and stamped by the hospital where you stayed.
  • Maternity/paternity/adoption claim forms must be sent with your child's full birth certificate.

Personal Accident claims

For Personal Accident claims, please contact us at enquiries@westfieldhealth.com and we'll send you a Personal Accident claim form. Complete and return it to us and we'll do the rest.

My Health

Accessing your health and wellbeing services in My Health is easy too. View the full range of services here, or take a look at what you're covered for in your plan guide.

Claim within 26 weeks

For money back claims, please submit your claim to us within 26 weeks of the date you paid for each treatment, goods or service. For cash payouts, this is the date you were discharged as an in patient, or the date you attended day surgery. And for any maternity/paternity/adoption claims, this is 26 weeks from the date of birth or adoption.

Make sure your receipt has the right details

Use our handy little check list to ensure your receipt contains the right information:

  • Your name or the name of the person you are making a claim for
  • Full practitioner details
  • The date and payment amounts
  • Details of the treatment, goods or service
  • A list of any sundry items purchased

Use an approved practitioner

Your practitioner must be registered with, or a member of an approved professional organisation. To make it as easy as possible, you can check our list of ‘Approved Practitioners’.

Get your money back quicker

Sign up to receive your claims by direct credit and get your money paid straight back into your bank account, no fuss. Simply sign in to My Westfield and update the 'Direct credit reinbursement' details.

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