Berwick Devoil Healthcare Ltd

“The administration and claims process at Westfield Health is simple and efficient. The service, support and care our clients receive are why we recommend Westfield Health time and time again.”

Brett Clifton, Senior Account Manager, Berwick Devoil Healthcare Ltd


BDHL, based in Kent, has been recommending Westfield Health as a healthcare provider for the past 10 years. They needed a health plan that would suit the needs of all their clients and their employees – and it had to be affordable, tangible and family friendly.


Many of BDHL’s clients already provided private medical insurance to directors and managers but there was a clear need to provide a healthcare benefit to all employees and their families.


The Foresight Health Cash Plan with additional cover for children ticked all the boxes. After recommending us as a provider, BDHL’s clients said their staff appeared more focused on their health and wellbeing. Many clients even reported a reduction in absenteeism as their staff were treated swiftly for ailments they may have previously left untreated.

How did we help

  • Provided a solution to all their clients’ healthcare needs regardless of budget

  • Straightforward and simple claims process

  • Excellent service and fast resolution to any problems that may arise