Health and Wellbeing Toolkit

The wellbeing plan is an online portal with all the information your staff need to create a health and wellbeing program that works for their individual needs. 

Staff can choose from a range of resources to suit their lifestyle:

  • Podcasts - download and listen to podcasts on the go, whilst commuting or walking at lunch
  • Videos - digestible information for people want the facts quickly
  • Factsheets - can be read digitally or printed and read offline, with all the information your staff need to affect behavioural change
  • Training plans - step by step information and checklists on what staff need to do, and keep track, of to change their behaviour

Give your staff the ability to take control of their health and wellbeing, so they can be happier, healthier and more productive.  

Key features

  • Flexible online access for all of your employees
  • Everything your staff need to live well and achieve more
  • Videos, podcasts, factsheets and training plans
  • A range of popular topics
  • Inform and resource your people and support them in taking action