Hospital Treatment Insurance

As NHS waiting lists and private medical insurance costs continue to grow, there’s never been a better time to rethink your corporate health needs. With hospital treatment insurance, your employees have access to prompt private medical treatment for a whole range of conditions (excluding heart and cancer).

And because they can avoid those long waiting lists, they’ll be back to work quicker too.

What do you get from Hospital Treatment Insurance?

  • A unique offering in the healthcare market for employers
  • Offers private access to non-urgent surgical and medical procedures
  • Makes health insurance more affordable for employers
  • Costs less than comprehensive PMI
  • It can be purchased standalone, or bolted on to a Health Cash Plan
  • Immediate cover for new conditions
  • No medicals required and no excess to pay

How it compares to Private Medical Insurance

PMI provides comprehensive medical cover, but it comes at a price. Hospital Treatment Insurance offers a low cost alternative for quick access to private surgical and medical procedures classed by the NHS as non–urgent, such as knee and hip operations, which suffer from longer NHS waiting times. Plus, there’s no excess to pay, no medicals required and premiums are community rated. Unlike comprehensive PMI, it excludes heart disease and cancer treatment. Take a look at how Hospital Treatment Insurance works with a Health Cash Plan, and the potential it offers you.

Flexible Cover

Hospital Treatment Insurance has been designed as not only a standalone product, but as an addition to a Health Cash Plan.

Benefits of Hospital Treatment Insurance at a glance:

  • Accessible - quick, easy access to private treatment
  • Affordable - the comfort of private care from £5.83 a month
  • Inclusive - no medical required, no excess to pay
  • Flexible - choose from a wide range of hospitals – private or NHS
  • Fair - premiums are community rated
  • Simple - setting up a policy is straightforward

What Hospital Treatment Insurance could do for you:

  • Another choice in healthcare
  • Affordable absence management tool
  • Valuable employee benefit

Find out more:

Prices & Benefits
How to make a claim
How it works with a cash plan

Key features

Hospital Treatment Insurance is a revolutionary product. Here are the benefits, at a glance.

  • Different levels of cover
    Hospital Treatment Insurance plugs a gap in the market between Health Cash Plans designed for everyday health care and more comprehensive, costly PMI
  • Hospital Treatment Insurance offers affordable private access to non–urgent private surgical and medical procedures
  • Making a claim is simple
    We've made the claims process as easy as possible