Introducing hospital treatment insurance

Waiting for surgery can be a long and stressful time. Our cover means you don't have to join the 3.1 million people currently on waiting lists.

3.1 million people currently on waiting lists

3.1 million people currently on waiting lists

Source: Laing & Buisson; Healthcare Market Review 2014-2015

Hospital treatment insurance makes private surgery and medical treatment more accessible, so you can be treated quicker and get back to your fit and healthy best.

Cover that gives you peace of mind if you need treatment

Our claims advisors will support you through every step, taking you from consultation and diagnosis, on to surgery and through to post-operative physiotherapy.


Key features

  • Covers most surgical procedures, except heart or cancer related treatment
  • Access to prompt private treatment near you
  • £1000 optional Outpatient benefit to pay for specialist consultations, diagnostic tests and scans
  • Post-operative physiotherapy (when you select the Outpatient benefit)
  • No medical is required
  • Immediate cover for new conditions
  • Our small dedicated team will arrange everything for you
  • Choose from a wide range of private and NHS hospitals
  • It pays out if you choose the NHS option
  • 3 surgical procedures covered per year, up to a maximum of £250,000 during the lifetime of cover

What we don't cover

  • Treatment related to cancer or heart disease (although cancer-related surgical procedures are excluded, we'll cover you when cancer is suspected but not yet confirmed i.e biopsies)
  • Pre-existing medical conditions are not covered until you've had no symptoms, treatment or advice for two consecutive years from the date your cover starts
  • We only cover surgical procedures for acute conditions, chronic conditions are excluded

An affordable alternative to traditional private medical insurance

For less than the cost of a coffee and a piece of cake each week, you can have our hospital treatment insurance. We’ve kept our prices affordable by negotiating fixed price treatment packages and excluding heart and cancer treatment – areas that the NHS already excel in.

Take a look at what’s covered in our hospital treatment insurance, by reading the policy summary and full terms and conditions in the plan guide.

Days wait on NHS

Source: Private Healthcare UK self-pay Market Study 2015

Reduce your premium

If you'd prefer to save a bit more money you can tailor your policy to keep the costs down even more by:

  • Choosing to pay a £100 excess
  • Excluding Outpatient benefit and post-operative physiotherapy
  • Covering fewer surgical procedures