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Westfield Health announces a new UK first strategic partnership

EXOS & Westfield Health contract signing

Partnership will accelerate Westfield Health’s vision to help prevent ill health and improve wellbeing

UK health and wellbeing company Westfield Health has today announced a partnership with EXOS, a global leader in workplace wellness and human performance, as part of its strategy to become the UK’s go-to provider for health and wellbeing.

Following Westfield Health’s acquisition of Working Health, a leading provider of workplace wellbeing coaching, and their strategic partnership with the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre, which facilitates the academic evaluation and validation of Westfield Health’s health and wellbeing programmes, the EXOS partnership is yet another development that seeks to accelerate Westfield Health’s strategy.

The partnership, which is the first of its kind in the UK health and wellbeing industry, will see the two organisations’ co-develop and drive new innovative solutions into the corporate and consumer markets.

Westfield Health CEO, David Capper, said: “This announcement follows almost 12 months of discussions but the synergy between us in terms of our core purpose and proposition has been clear from the start. Together, we’re dedicated to delivering evidence-based health and wellbeing solutions that support people, communities, and workplaces to be healthier.

“This partnership sets us apart from other health and wellbeing providers, not only is it the first of its kind in the UK, we’ll also be embedding the EXOS methodology into our core health and wellbeing proposition. We know that a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t an effective way of improving people’s quality of life, so by augmenting our leading coaching capability with EXOS’ digital platform, we’re able to deliver a tailored experience that empowers behaviour change at scale.

“As we approach our centenary, our future legacy will be built around enabling people to take a more proactive and preventative approach to their health and wellbeing. In the same week where we have seen the NHS commit to saving 500,000 more lives, it’s clear that the impact of people’s wellbeing has a correlation to productivity in the workplace. With the NHS at breaking point, and the UK government again communicating how businesses and individuals need to take more ownership of their health and wellbeing, this partnership, together with our wide range of products and services, supports this demand.

“We finalised our strategic partnership in Phoenix, Arizona, and had the opportunity to see up close how the EXOS methodology comes to life. We’re all excited by the partnership at Westfield Health and we trust it will accelerate our ambition to be the go-to provider of workplace wellbeing in the UK.”

Senior Vice President for Strategic Partnerships at EXOS, Anthony Slater, who has overseen the partnership discussions, added: “Our partnership was born out of a shared responsibility and determination to help people improve their quality of life. We are excited by the potential our partnership offers, to help us achieve our goal of empowering people across the globe to be the best they can be. In Westfield Health we have found a partner who truly wants to make a healthy difference to the lives of their customers, so the potential to co-develop new solutions is exciting for us all”.

EXOS partnership infographic

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About Westfield Health

Westfield Health is an award winning not-for-profit health and wellbeing provider, dedicated to making a healthy difference to the quality of life of their customers and the communities in which they live and work.

Working with more than 450,000 customers and more than 8,000 companies, Westfield Health has been supporting the nation to live healthy, independent lives since 1919.

It has donated over £14.5m to the NHS and medically related charities over the last 20 years, supporting the health and wellbeing of communities across the UK.

Westfield Health believes in well beings, and that when you begin to truly believe in the physical and emotional wellbeing of your staff it can completely transform the face of your business, improving productivity, helping you retain staff and making you a desirable place for prospective employees to work.

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About EXOS

EXOS is a leader in the field of human performance, a category it created more than 15 years ago. Today, EXOS employs more than 3,500 people in over 400 locations worldwide. With award-winning facilities, technology, and services, EXOS connects people to the solutions they need and provides individualized plans based on time-tested fundamentals and research in order to help people take control of their health and performance. EXOS is trusted by hundreds of clients, including world champions in sports and one-quarter of Fortune 100 companies, as well as leaders in health care, military, and community organizations.

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