When you begin to truly believe in the physical and emotional wellbeing of your staff it can completely transform the face of your business.

Our insight-led health and wellbeing strategies can support you in improving productivity, retaining staff and making your company a desirable place for prospective employees to work.

Tier one partners
of the AWRC

Sheffield Hallam University Advanced Wellbeing Researcg Centre

AWRC is set to become the most advanced research centre for physical and mental wellbeing in the world - this means we’re ideally placed to drive best in class improvements in wellbeing and help everyone to lead healthier lives.

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How Westfield Health can help businesses in the Professional, Scientific and Technical sector:

  • Mental resilience training to cope with long hours, deadlines, stress, anxiety and change
  • ‘Performing under pressure’ workshop designed to help your employees view stress in a more positive way
  • Unique ‘sleep well’ programme to help your staff sleep better
  • ‘Know your labels & portion sizes’ workshop to make informed choices in your employees diet
  • Engaging, practical, user-friendly content to support mental health and physical wellbeing, improving employee engagement and productivity

*Source: Deloitte UK Mental Health Monitor, October 2017

It is estimated that mental health related presenteeism is now costing businesses up to 3x more than absenteeism. This equates to an annual cost of £16.8bn to £26.4bn for UK business.*

We help you achieve better...

Attraction & retention

Attraction & retention

  • Attract and retain the best talent
  • Stay ahead of the competition
  • Ensure staff feel happy and valued
Engagement & performance

Engagement & performance

  • Take positive steps to build a healthy company
  • Empower staff to make informed and sustainable wellbeing choices
  • Motivational interviewing for long term benefit
Absence security

Absence security

  • Don’t wait for absence to happen before offering a helping hand
  • Ensure the impact of absence is as small as possible
  • Take a proactive approach to absence reduction
  • Get staff back to work quickly
  • A healthier workforce means increased productivity

Live well, work well and achieve more

We use a consultative approach to gain a real understanding of your challenges and create a tailored offering to help your business achieve its health and wellbeing objectives.

Companies who have worked with us

“It was great to be able to get an appointment with the physiotherapist within a week, as I know that waiting times on the NHS can be quite long – up to a few months. After just a few sessions with the physio I noticed a huge difference. Having access to the Westfield Health plan meant the problem was sorted much quicker and it limited the amount of time I had to take off work.”

Frank Drury

Floor Team Leader - Rope Assemblies

“Our mental health resilience workshop went down exceptionally well. My team said it was the most useful wellbeing training we’ve ever had. The content was so helpful and it was presented very effectively. As a consequence a further session has been arranged for some of our directors.”

Peter Mycock

Supplier Relationships and Services - UK Visas and Immigration

“Since we signed up to the health calendar, there’s much more awareness about health. As a direct result of the sessions, two senior managers lost weight and initiated healthier eating and increased exercise. We're assured this will help with stress and productivity. We also had a seminar on sleep that really helped members of staff unpick some of their bad habits... not least the use of devices before bed. We've started to have fruit delivered to support the healthy eating initiative too!”

Lisa Pogson

Joint Managing Director - Air Master &

President - Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce

Benefits to your business

Increased employee engagement

Increased employee engagement

Reduced presenteeism

Reduced presenteeism

Reduced absenteeism

Reduced absenteeism

Reduced recruitment costs

Reduced recruitment costs

Increased productivity

Increased productivity

Greater business capacity to thrive

Greater business capacity to thrive

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  • How to solve problems
  • Plan how to reach your objectives

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