Our factsheets are designed for busy HR teams and senior leaders looking to get a quick overview of the key things they need to consider when thinking about a back to work strategy. For in-depth research results, download the Divided Together report.


Our one-page employee insight factsheets cover the overall impact of Covid on the workforce’s physical and mental health, how specific groups have been affected and what people now expect from their employers.

Attitudes about returning to work

Our research showed that although many people are looking forward to getting back to normal, some groups are reluctant to trade in their newfound flexibility. This sheet also covers the main anxieties about returning to work.

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Future workplace trends

We’ve changed how we work as a result of Covid-19, and it’s shaped what we’ll prioritise in our careers moving forward. Take a look at this factsheet to find out more about what employees now want from their roles.

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Changed expectations

The boundaries between work and home have become blurred like never before due to coronavirus.The support that people expect from employers - whether that’s wellbeing or flexible working - has changed too - find out how.

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Going in

What’s it like to carry on going into a half-empty workplace? How do the people that have continued to go in feel about teammates returning? If all or part of your workforce has continued going in, these findings will be key to reuniting your workforce.

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Working from home

Of all the groups surveyed, those working from home were most likely to be enjoying the new way of working and are increasingly reluctant to give it up. Find out more about the changed expectations of home workers.

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Such a fundamental change in day-to-day routines has taken its toll on furloughed staff - but it’s also caused resentment amongst teams. Take a look at this factsheet to understand the impact on furloughed people and the support they’re looking for.

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With half of parents juggling their role and childcare, many have found it a stressful time. The majority, however, say they’ll miss the way they’ve been working and have serious concerns about childcare. Find out more about the impact of Covid on parents.

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Mental health

Isolated from support networks with daily routines turned upside down, the outbreak has taken its toll on national mental health. This factsheet explores how and why our mental health has changed during lockdown and who’s been worst affected.

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Physical health

Whilst more free time and Joe Wicks have whipped some of us into shape over lockdown, others have struggled. People are increasingly looking to their employers for support with continuing good habits or fixing bad ones - find out more.

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Financial wellbeing

Whether it’s spending more on keeping kids entertained or reduced household incomes as a result of being furloughed, money is top of mind for many. Take a look at why financial education might need to be a key part of your return to work wellbeing strategy.

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