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Contribution aids advancement in spinal surgery

Graham Moore and Neurocare team

A charity committed to providing life-saving neuro equipment for a Sheffield hospital has been able to buy some innovative surgical instruments – the first in the UK - thanks to a substantial donation from Westfield Health.

We gave £18,260 to Neurocare, which funds research, specialist training and equipment for specialist neurological conditions at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, for its Ultrasonic Bone Cutter Project.

The project funds the use of ultrasonic bone cutter tools, which have been hailed by neurosurgeons as an important advancement in spinal surgery. It will be the first time this particular piece of equipment has been used in the UK.

The tools are precise enough to cut through the bone, leaving the surrounding blood vessels, nerves and tissue undamaged. They therefore reduce the risk of trauma and blood loss during surgery.

Mr Marcel Ivonov, neurosurgeon from Sheffield Teaching Hospitals’ NHS Foundation Trust, said:  “We are extremely excited to be the first NHS Trust in the UK to use this particular piece of equipment, which is suitable not only for open, but also for minimally invasive spinal as well as cranial procedures. Other surgeons from around the country will be coming to see it in use so we thank Westfield Health for their donation which will benefit our work and the lives of our patients.”

Patricia Mitchell, chief executive of Neurocare, said: “We are hugely grateful for Westfield Health’s donation and continued support in this vital area of neurosurgery.

“Bone scalpel tools enable precise cuts to be made through bones with minimal damage to the surrounding structures, so are a fantastic advancement for neurosurgery. The donation means we now have the most cutting edge equipment available making spinal surgery in particular much safer.”

Our chairman Graham Moore said: “We’re delighted to make a significant donation to Neurocare’s Bone Scalpel Project to help make neurosurgery safer for hospital patients.

“Patients in Sheffield and beyond will benefit from the technology. It’s fantastic to contribute towards this innovative equipment and to make a real difference to the vital work of the neurosurgeons.”

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