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Westfield Health launches new Health and Wellbeing Toolkit.

Westfield Health's new Health and Wellbeing Toolkit.

Westfield Health has launched a new Health and Wellbeing Toolkit designed to help HR managers choose, implement and evaluate an effective health and wellbeing strategy for their business.

Fiona Lowe, our Head of HR Development and Strategy, said: “Workplace health and wellbeing is moving up the corporate agenda. Employers are increasingly recognising that there are tangible business benefits in looking after their most important asset - their employees.

“With poor staff health and wellbeing costing the UK economy £billions every year, we’re championing health and wellbeing in the workplace and want to help other companies do the same.”

Our toolkit features a suite of five planning tools to support HR professionals through every step of the process, whether they’re reviewing their current strategy or just setting out on their journey. Our planners and guides include:

Step one - defining the right health and wellbeing strategy

Step two - developing a powerful business case to secure financial backing

Step three - choosing your supplier

Step four - implementing your chosen strategy and engaging with staff

Step five - measuring performance and evaluating return on investment

The toolkit also includes useful research and insight, as well as case studies and an absence calculator, which pulls together absence and presenteeism costs, and the cost of existing health and wellbeing initiatives, to help employers understand how absence is potentially affecting their business.

Fiona added: “Whether you want to maximise ROI or simply show that you care about your people, the benefits of introducing an effective and robust health and wellbeing strategy cannot be underestimated; from reduced sickness absence and greater productivity to improved staff morale, engagement and retention.”

For help choosing the right health and wellbeing strategy for your business, visit our toolkit

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