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Charity receives £13k boost from Westfield Health during Organ Donation Week

Sheffield Marrow

As part of Organ Donation Week (5–11 September) we’re celebrating our support of Anthony Nolan, the UK charity which saves the lives of people with blood cancer.  

Sheffield Marrow, part of a network of student groups connected to Anthony Nolan, recently received a donation of £13,000 from us to undertake vital donor recruitment activities and get more young people in Sheffield onto the stem cell donor register. If a person is found to be a match for someone with blood cancer in need of a stem cell transplant, they will be contacted and asked to donate their stem cells; for 90% of people, this is a straightforward procedure similar to giving blood.

Our donation will help Sheffield Marrow to hold recruitment events for new donors and will contribute to the costs of adding new donors to the register, increasing the chance of finding a match for people in need of a transplant.

Sheffield Marrow is one of the most successful Marrow groups in the UK and regularly recruits large numbers of university students to join the Anthony Nolan register. Earlier this year they held an event with the Sheffield Eagles football team to raise awareness of the need for more young donors.

Jemma Michleburgh, president of Sheffield Marrow (2015-2016), had first-hand experience of this devastating disease when her little sister, Beth, was first diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia aged 3. After a long battle with the illness, which returned for a third time when Beth was 15, Anthony Nolan helped find a donor match and in 2012 she had a successful transplant. 

Jemma said: “I’d like to sincerely thank the trustees of the Westfield Health Charitable Trust which donates so generously to our cause, undoubtedly helping to save more lives – just like Beth’s.”

“Knowing first-hand the life-changing difference finding a match can make, I’m keen to raise awareness of the simplicity of donation, raise funds and get more young people to join the stem cell register.”

It costs £60 to add a new person to the register, so Westfield Health’s gift could pay for more than 200 new potential donors – that’s 200 more chances at life.”

Our Chairman, Graham Moore, said: “At Westfield we’re longstanding supporters of Sheffield Marrow and Anthony Nolan. It is an extremely valuable cause that we are delighted to be involved with.

“This is a particularly poignant time as it is Organ Donation Week and bone marrow and stem cell donation is an integral part of that.

“This Organ Donation Week we are celebrating the difference that people can make when they register as organ or stem cell donors. Everyone that joins the Anthony Nolan register has the potential to save the life of someone with blood cancer.

“We recently sponsored The Westfield Health British Transplant Games and we witnessed first-hand the incredible benefits of stem cell and organ donation. Raising awareness and joining the register is vitally important and makes a life changing difference to people in need of a transplant.”

Organ Donation Week is a national campaign that will take place between Monday 5 and Sunday 11 September. The campaign will promote organ and stem cell donation as well as celebrating people whose donations have saved lives.

For more information about Anthony Nolan, click here.

Click here to join the NHS Organ Donor Register. 

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