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Carol Vorderman invites you to stand up for your health and go for a Walking Lunch

Carol Vorderman invites you for a Walking Lunch

New research conducted for Westfield Health’s Walking Lunch campaign raises alarm on the nation’s inactive lifestyle. Almost half of working Brits either eat at their desk or don’t take a lunch break, despite four in 10 having the capacity to squeeze in a 20-minute walk

Westfield Health and Carol Vorderman are asking the nation to take a Walking Lunch this May for Living Streets’ National Walking Month, with research revealing that almost four in 10 (37%) Brits spend their lunch break eating at their desks. The health and wellbeing company’s findings also reveal that more than one in 10 skip their break altogether, despite over 40% saying they could fit a 20-minute walk into their lunch break.

Westfield Health’s Walking Lunch campaign invites people to take 20 minutes or more out of their lunch breaks to walk during Living Streets’

National Walking Month, in May. Just 20 minutes of walking per day can improve physical and mental wellbeing, helping prevent obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes as well as combat stress.

Launched in an exclusive video with campaign ambassador and walking enthusiast Carol Vorderman, this year’s Walking Lunch is open to teams and individuals to sign up and log their lunch time steps throughout the month. There are prizes available for the most active, including £1,000 for an office wellbeing initiative, fitness trackers and vouchers to spend on walking gear.

Westfield Health has partnered with the UK’s walking charity Living Streets for Walking Lunch, and the charity’s theme for National Walking Month this year is Walking Cities. To encourage more Brits to explore their cities on foot, Westfield Health and Living Streets are sponsoring the Crumbs City Trails app for the month of May. The app offers walking trails in cities across the UK that feature ‘crumbs’ of historical and cultural trivia, which are available for free to Walking Lunch participants.Carol Vorderman - Walking Lunch

Walking Lunch ambassador Carol Vorderman commented, “We are so lucky, our cities are full of hidden treasures, nuggets of history and information that you might otherwise miss if you didn’t know they were there and you’ll definitely miss if you’re sitting at your desk all day.”

“I walk six or seven miles around my home city of Bristol every day. So I tried out one of the trails and even though I know a lot about the city already I learned even more about the architecture, the city walls and one of my favourite places, St Nicholas Market, which I didn’t realise was founded in 1743!”

Westfield Health’s research also revealed some of the things that people believe would motivate or allow them to be more active, with lack of time being the most considerable factor — a quarter of people citing fewer time pressures at work, and 18% saying they lack time outside of work. The social elements are also a considerable factor, with 23% saying they just need other people to walk with and 13% saying they would walk more if they saw colleagues, friends or family getting more active.

Professor Rob Copeland, Professor of Physical Activity and Health at the National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine, commented “We know that inactivity is a significant issue in our modern lifestyles, and that people just don’t feel they have enough time. But what is interesting about these research results is the motivations behind what will make people get on their feet. The social factors —having people to walk with, and seeing other people around you be more active — show that campaigns like Walking Lunch can work.”

Future (or current) walking enthusiasts can sign up at, then get walking from the 1st of May, sharing walking wins on social media using the hashtag #WalkingLunch. For walking tips and tricks you can follow Westfield Health on twitter via @WestfieldHealth, and by visiting on Facebook.

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