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The importance of sleep

Sleep forms the very basis of a healthy lifestyle. It underpins everything we do, allowing us to function and perform to our very best in our day to day lives.

Sleep deprivation is a growing issue facing HR Managers and the role employers have in addressing this. Our increasingly stressed lifestyles and the rise in technology and mobile devices is making the distinction between work and home lives blurred so it’s becoming even more difficult to switch off and relax – which can cause sleep problems.

The costs associated with a lack of sleep are high…

Sleep deprivation costs the UK economy £40bn a year in terms of lower productivity at work and the impact on absence.
(Source: RAND Europe Study Sept 2016)

The sleep aids industry is a growing market currently valued at £59million, with sales expected to reach £69million in the next 5 years.
(Source: Euromonitor ‘Sleep Aids in the UK’ Sept. 2016).

Employers including sleep as part of their wellbeing strategies has doubled over the last 12 months (from 42% to 88%)
(REBA Employee Health and Wellbeing Survey 2017).

Employees suffering from sleep deprivation are widely affected by negative cognitive, emotional, physical and social performance resulting in increased presenteeism and absence
(Source: HR Magazine, March 2015).

Extensive research has proven the link between sleep and productivity. For businesses, your people are your best asset – so helping them to sleep better will help them to perform to their full potential too.

Introducing Sleep well work well

Working with acclaimed sleep expert, James Wilson, we’ve developed a unique proposition based on tried and tested methods and resources, to educate and train your staff, utilising positive behavioral and environmental changes to improve sleep quality and promote all round general good health.

Our Sleep well work well programme delivers engaging content that can be tailored to your individual staff needs and industry types, all backed up with results based analysis to enable you to assess the extent and potential impact sleep could be having on your business, with recommendations and actions for ongoing support.

The Sleep Geek
James Wilson

Feel the benefits of a good nights’ sleep

Investing in sleep education has many benefits to your business’ not just in terms of performance but in helping to reduce risk and cost related measures too.

Staff can benefit from improved mood, concentration, motivation and productivity, as well as improved judgement, reaction time and energy. The results are a healthier workforce that are more focused and positive, have fewer sick days, and are less prone to mistakes. 

Our customer stories

"Thanks to this class I am now sleeping better"
"James has helped me to change my pre sleep routine and use tips to focus my mind"
"Since attending James’ Masterclass I am getting better quality and quantity of sleep"

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