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COVID-19 and adapting to new ways of working

COVID-19 continues to bring significant changes to our lives, with many businesses and employees having to adapt to new ways of working. Our COVID-19 resource centre offers information and advice to support you to safeguard the health and wellbeing of your employees as we adjust to new ways of working during a rapidly changing situation.

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Free HR resources

Health and wellbeing can transform the face of your company, but it’s not always easy to know where to start and how to sell it to the rest of the business. We’ve curated some useful free HR resources to help you on your health and wellbeing journey, including how to implement it and the benefits it can bring to your business.

Here to help you create a healthier business

Men’s health resources

Men’s health tips for employers

Know your numbers: men’s health poster for employees

Mental health conversations poster for employees

These free PDF guides offer tips to support men’s health in the workplace, including a printable ‘know your numbers’ poster to share with employees.

Winter wellbeing toolkit: Beat the winter blues

These guides offer tips and advice to support your employees’ health and wellbeing during the tough winter months.

Emergency exit

As millions of employees look for new roles to protect their mental health, this PDF report examines how the new normal is shaping their priorities.

Move more at work

Free PDF downloads with tips and advice to help managers and employees stay active in the workplace, plus our 10-minute workplace workout videos.

The future of work

How can businesses help their people thrive in the new normal? This report explores how employees feel about their future, including factsheets outlining the key issues across different sectors.

Mental health support resources

Watch our ‘mental health in the workplace’ webinar and access our resources to help support your employees’ mental health.

Dealing with stress

Tips for managers

Printable poster for employees

These PDF downloads offer tips and advice to help managers and employees reduce the impact of stress in the workplace.

Coping after Covid

Explore the impact of poor wellbeing on businesses, the link with productivity and how to make the case for investing in wellbeing with our latest report.

Coping with Covid

Research examining the business impact of employee wellbeing and mental health during the pandemic, and how managers can help their people cope with ongoing change and uncertainty.

Have a brighter Blue Monday

A quick PDF guide for leadership teams and managers to support your workforce with their mental health and wellbeing when times get really tough.

Wellbeing Roundup: 2020

As 2020 comes to an end, we reflect on a turbulent year of global change. Using Google search data, survey feedback and social media trends, we examine a year of health and wellbeing in UK homes and workplaces.

Divided Together

In-depth research into the rifts COVID-19 has caused and the changing expectations of employers and the workplace.

Wellbeing Index

A quarterly in-depth report on the state of the nation’s wellbeing, at home and in the workplace. The latest Index takes a look at physical activity and how employees expect businesses to step up when it comes to their physical wellbeing and fitness.

CPD for HR professionals

First in a series of CPD-accredited e-learning, this free course on organisational culture covers in detail how culture impacts productivity and employee wellbeing, the benefits of a positive culture, signs of a toxic culture and how to effectively facilitate cultural change. You’ll gain one CPD hour for completing the course.

The Orange Table

Free webinar and educational content series helping you to align your HR goals with business strategy. Find out about the impact of health and wellbeing and the importance of organisational culture on employee productivity and performance. The debates also explore how to evaluate health and wellbeing interventions and measure the return on investment.

Absence calculator

How much does employee ill health cost your organisation? Input your business costs into our absence calculator for an estimate of your current sickness costs and how much you could save were you to reduce them. You can even email your detailed results to yourself or a colleague. 

Health & Wellbeing Toolkit

This guide contains everything you need to create your own health & wellbeing strategy, with step-by-step information on defining your objectives, choosing your supplier, implementing the process and evaluating and optimising performance going forwards. 

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Useful resources

Absence Calculator

The Orange Table

Free Health & Wellbeing Toolkit