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EXOS is a global leader in workplace wellness and human performance, helping over 1.2 million people in over 30 countries achieve more and perform at their best every day.

We know that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work when it comes to supporting people’s wellbeing, so we tailor our approach to deliver a bespoke experience across four distinct areas; movement, mindset, nutrition and recovery. In doing so, we empower behaviour change, improving people’s quality of life and driving them to get the best from themselves.

Our partnership with EXOS is the first of its kind in the UK health and wellbeing industry. By embedding this methodology into our core health and wellbeing proposition, we’re augmenting our leading coaching capability and delivering an integrated, whole of workforce solution.

Together, we’ve developed a unique evidence based programme that takes inspiration from the elite sport methodology of marginal gains. By looking at making small improvements across a number of areas, the cumulative effect can be a bigger impact. In elite sport the emphasis is on understanding what makes someone good at what they do, how they can become even better at it and how they can pass on these lessons to others in their team.

EXOS have 20 years’ experience working with over 200 corporate clients in more than 400 locations across six continents, including 30 percent of the Fortune 100. They also work with more than 100 athletes who earned 60 medals as representatives of seven countries at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, and champions across the highest levels of professional sport (FIFA, Olympics, NFL, MLB). We believe that through our partnership, our health and wellbeing solutions will empower people, communities, and workplaces to be the best they can be. When we’re at our best, everyone benefits.

Our partnership sees us co-develop and drive innovative solutions into the corporate and consumer markets.

Why EXOS choose to partner with us

“Our partnership was born out of a shared responsibility and determination to help people improve their quality of life. We are excited by the potential our partnership offers, to help us achieve our goal of empowering people across the globe to be the best they can be. In Westfield Health we have found a partner who truly wants to make a healthy difference to the lives of their customers, so the potential to co-develop new solutions is exciting for us all.”

Anthony Slater
Senior Vice President for Strategic Partnerships at EXOS


We’re a tier 1 partner to the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre (AWRC), which is set to be the most advanced research and development centre for physical activity in the world.

With state of the art facilities for a team of over 70 Sheffield Hallam University researchers, the AWRC works to tackle key issues such as sedentary lifestyles, rising obesity and mental health.

As a centrepiece of Sheffield’s Olympic Legacy Park, the AWRC aim to transfer learnings from elite sport and performance into the wider population through innovative technology and world-leading research. Making small improvements across a number of areas creates a bigger positive impact. Our partnership from the ground up gives us access to the new interventions that improve wellbeing in society. With this knowledge, we can elevate our solutions, as they’ll have been validated by academic research, so we know they really work and can make a healthy difference to our customers.

Our Knowledge Transfer Partnership

As part of the Innovate UK programme, a government funded organisation that funds business and research collaborations to accelerate innovation and drive productivity and economic growth, we’ve launched a three-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with the AWRC.

The KTP will academically evaluate our health and wellbeing programmes to assess their effectiveness within the workplace. This gives us the insight to accurately identify and implement effective health and wellbeing interventions, which could ease the strain on the NHS and increase economic outputs through greater productivity.

Why the AWRC are working with us

“Westfield Health are a key partner of the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre with a shared vision to improve the health of the nation. We are working together on innovative projects to achieve this. Our research knowledge can be applied to Westfield Health’s services, supporting their customers to live healthier lives.”

Professor Rob Copeland
Head of the AWRC

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