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The Big Westfield Health Sleep Survey

The Big Westfield Health Sleep Survey

We’re on a mission to help improve our staff’s sleep health. We want our people to be the very best they can be, both when at work and in their daily life too.

Insurance that relieves NHS waiting lists

Insurance that relieves NHS waiting lists

Waiting for surgery can be a long and stressful time, and increasing waiting lists can cause increased stress and anxiety and the possibility of a worsening condition. Hospital treatment insurance gives you the peace of mind that if you ever require medical treatment or surgery, you can bypass potentially lengthy NHS waiting lists by opting to be treated privately.


Sleep 101

The first part of my work with Westfield Health was delivering some sleep 101 workshops for staff members who had self-referred. The basis of the sessions was to give a basic understanding of sleep, as well as general but effective advice on how to sleep better.

Westfield Defibrillator Saves Another Life

Westfield Defibrillator Saves Another Life

Emma Scott, Community Defibrillation Officer with the Yorkshire Ambulance Service, talks about the vital work she has done with Westfield Health to install over 100 Automated External Defibrillators across Yorkshire.

Sleep Geek logo

Sleep and mental health – what comes first?

James Wilson, AKA the Sleep Geek, shares his thoughts on the link between a good night's sleep and mental health.

Westfield Health & The Sleep Geek

Why I’m working with Westfield Health

I’m really excited to be working with Westfield Health as their Sleep Ambassador; helping their staff to sleep better and, in a wider context, helping their customers to sleep better too. I’m going to be blogging regularly about all things sleep related so it seemed natural that my first blog should be about why I wanted to work with Westfield Health.

Steve and his mum

Steve Purdham's Top Tips for Entrepreneurs

Steve Purdham, founder and inventor of 3Rings UK, a smartplug designed to help families care for their elderly or vulnerable relatives living independently at home, gives his top tips for entrepreneurs looking to start their own business.


Winning investment for employee health and wellbeing

Last week we hosted a roundtable discussion at the EB Connect Conference in London: 'How to win the business case to invest in employee health and wellbeing'. Our Head of HR Fiona Lowe discusses the key findings.

Mother and daughter

Creating an enabling future for carers in the workplace

With increasing numbers of carers in the workplace, employers need to recognise the effect that their employees' responsibilities can have on their business.

Infographic stress in the workplace

Performing under pressure

Sport and Exercise Psychologist, Doctor Joanne Butt develops resilience strategies for elite athletes to help them achieve medal-winning performances whilst under a great deal of pressure. Here she talks about how these key strategies can translate into a work environment to help employees perform under pressure.

Runners in Norfolk Park

How to exercise more effectively?

It’s National Fitness Day, which aims to celebrate the role physical activity plays across the UK and be the most active day of the year. Here Anouska Carter discusses how to exercise more effectively.

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Graham Moore with donor consent form
Graham, Maisie and Luca
Helen Wilson

Helen’s gift of life takes her to the Games

Helen Wilson knows only too well the huge benefits of organ donation, as she has been the recipient of two lifesaving organ transplants. Here she tells us how organ donation saved her life.

Steph Gandy

Staying fit and healthy when off the court

Staying fit and healthy is an important part of being an athlete, but what people sometimes don’t realise is that you don’t always stay in shape from just team practice.

Blood donations

Stating the bleeding obvious

The NHS in England faces a daily challenge to maintain levels of blood stocks required for surgery and treatments. While ongoing research into the frequency with which regular donors can give blood, the need for new donors remains critical.

Shopping bags

Saving money on your shopping with Westfield Rewards

Hear about the great savings that our policyholders are making with Westfield Rewards.


Why you should take a walking lunch

As part of National Walking Month, Westfield Health, launched their 'Walking Lunch' campaign, encouraging people to use their lunch breaks to walk for 20 minutes. Fiona Lowe, Head of HR & Strategy at Westfield Health tells us just why it's so important.

The problem is bigger than you think!

Mental resilience in the workplace

Research conducted by Westfield Health is shedding some light on our mental resilience in the workplace, and the findings indicate that the problems surrounding mental health at work are actually much bigger than people might first think.