What is a health cash plan?

A health cash plan allows you to claim money back, up to set limits, towards the cost of your essential healthcare. It’s a great way to help you budget for your everyday health costs. From dental appointments to optical check ups, therapy treatment and more, you can rest assured that your cover will help with your bills. Your dependent children are covered too, on key benefits, giving you that extra peace of mind.

A health cash plan also provides access to valuable health and wellbeing services, for those unexpected health issues and to help keep you at your fit and healthy best.

We are very proud to be an award winning provider and it’s reassuring to know that for a small monthly amount you can purchase our harder working health cover to help look after the health of you and your family.

What is a health cash plan

How our Good4you Health Cash Plan works

Money back

You can use your cover to claim money back, up to set limits, towards essential health costs such as:

  • Opticians costs
  • Dental costs
  • Therapy treatments
  • Consultations & more

Cash payouts

For hospital stays and day surgery (NHS and private).

  • Hospital stays
  • Day surgery
  • Having a baby/adoption

Health and wellbeing services

To help you stay fit and healthy, we’ve included a range of valuable health and wellbeing services too.

  • Telephone counselling & advice
  • Telephone access to a GP
  • Medical second opinion service
  • Discounted gym membership

Health and wellbeing services


You can pick up the phone and arrange a call back from a practising GP to discuss health issues and receive advice or diagnosis.

Best Doctors®

This expert second opinion medical service can help if you or your family are diagnosed with a worrying health condition.

24 hour Counselling and Advice Line

You and your family have 24 hour freephone access to confidential support and advice on medical, legal or domestic issues.

Health Club Concession

Your cover also includes access to discounted membership at local gyms.

Why is our health cash plan good for you and your family?

  • Affordable

    From just 20p per day or £6.20 a month, it’s a small amount to invest in your health.

  • Cover for your children

    If you have dependant children, they're covered on key benefits at no extra cost.

  • For your partner

    Cover for your partner for Consultation and Home Care at no extra cost. Or they can take out their own cover.

  • Keeps you happy and healthy

    Our health cash plan has been designed to help keep you in the best possible shape, physically and mentally: from dental appointments to optical check ups and therapy treatments.

  • Peace of mind

    It’s good to know that, should the unexpected happen, you have access to diagnostic consultations and valuable health services included in your cover.

  • Award winning

    We are proud to have won awards for our health plans, so you can be sure you're in safe hands.

What we don't cover

There are a few exceptions to our health cover.

  • With the exception of optical and dental benefits, our plans provide cover for new medical conditions only
  • Professional or semi professional sports people aren’t covered
  • You must be between 16-65 years old when you buy the cover

When you claim for any other benefit (except optical and dental) within the first 12 months of joining the plan, we’ll ask you for a letter from your GP or consultant to confirm that they have recommended your treatment and it’s not a pre-existing medical condition. Some GPs and medical practitioners may charge for this service and we’re sorry that this isn’t a cost that we can cover.

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Our customer stories

"My last opticians bill was £75, so it was a relief to know I could claim the money back using my health cover and it was paid straight back into my bank account."
"I used the consultation benefit to get an appointment at the hospital and was seen within a week. I'm really grateful for the cover."
"I can’t recommend this health cover enough, it’s there so use it!"

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