Making emails secure with Egress

Egress is a service which enables us to send emails and attachments securely. Any emails containing sensitive or confidential content will now be encrypted using Egress. When Westfield Health sends you an encrypted email for the first time, you’ll need to create an account on Egress’ secure portal. In this portal, all of the secure emails sent from and to Westfield Health can be accessed and replied to. There’s also a free plugin for Outlook, Office365, Gmail and mobile devices that create a seamless experience without the need to access the portal after the first time.

How to register for your Egress account

View our Egress User Guide for instructions on registering with and using Egress.

Further information

You can find out further information by visiting the Egress website or by contacting them.

Find out more about how we safeguard your data

Visit our Trust page