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High Five Health Promotion

European corporate wellbeing company, High Five Health Promotion, joined the Westfield Health Group in 2019. Headquartered in the Netherlands, High Five also operate in Germany and Belgium with clients including Daimler, Nike, Shell and NATO.

High Five Health Promotion specialise in the personalised design and management of on-site fitness facilities and delivery of a wide range of wellbeing services, including programmes, workshops and opportunities for employees to enhance their health, fitness and vitality.

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UK Healthcare

UK Healthcare, the trading name of Bolton & District Hospital Saturday Council, is a not-for-profit health provider with a nationwide corporate and consumer customer base. They joined the Westfield Health Group in 2018.

The company’s roots can be traced back to 1813 when the residents of Great and Little Bolton organised a public collection to raise money for the first 7-bed dispensary. By 1877 an organisation was set up to raise the money needed to build a new infirmary to meet the ever-increasing needs of the town. To fund the planned new building and the dispensary the town’s residents paid less than 1p a week from their wages on a Saturday and so Bolton & District Hospital Saturday Council was born. UK Healthcare continues to hold a strong presence in the North West.

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