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How does the Westfield Health Chamber cash plan benefit your members?

The Westfield Health cash plan is a key product for our members because it offers them a cost-effective benefit for their staff. Not only does it help the employees with money back on dental, optical, therapy treatments and a counselling service, it also benefits the employer as an absenteeism tool.

Has the cash plan helped you to recruit new members?

The cash plan continues to be one of our main reasons to recruiting and retaining members. Due to the recent pandemic, many of our members see the plan as a cost-efficient way to reward their staff and support their health and wellbeing.

Do you use the cash plan as a benefit for your employees?

Yes, it’s well received and perceived to be a key benefit to working for the Chamber. All the staff actively use it and claim regularly on the plan, some have also added their partner and children to it. It’s a great tool to help us retain our staff.



The cash plan is one of the main reasons the Chamber recruits and retains members. 13% of members offer it to their staff.



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We have had a long-standing relationship with Westfield Health and have always found them to be a professional, efficient partner that delivers a very high quality service.

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