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How did Westfield Health help you to understand what wellbeing support your employees needed?

We worked with Westfield Health and their Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) to help understand where we were as a business in the context of wellbeing and, importantly, what our people need. This work has been a revelation. The outputs and the detailed analyses that followed were eye-opening for our directors and gave us an in-depth understanding of our actual position. There was a particular point when ‘the penny dropped’ around the boardroom table and this immediately brought about a further, positive shift in both focus and mindset.

The work with the Westfield colleagues has enabled us to more effectively prioritise and determine solutions to address the short-term challenges that emerged. It has also helped us to redefine our medium and longer term wellbeing objectives.

How has Westfield Health helped Exemplas to embed employee wellbeing into your organisation?

The early stages saw the design and implementation of a new wellbeing programme across the Exemplas Group with a strong focus on mental health support. In tandem with this, we received valued support from Westfield to embed the notion of wellbeing into the psyche of our business – particularly with our leaders and managers.

Today, wellbeing is firmly ingrained in the whole business operation – from our onboarding process for new colleagues to those who have been with the business for years. Our wellbeing programme has had a measurable, positive impact upon the working and personal lives of our colleagues.

Wellbeing is so important for our business and our people that it’s now the first of four Exemplas Group corporate objectives.



The wellbeing programme has had a measurable, positive impact upon the working and personal lives of their colleagues.



Professional Advisory Services and Training

The success of our wellbeing programme is not just down to the commitment of us as a business, it is particularly because of the relationship that has been built with Westfield Health. Through their professionalism, knowledge, understanding of our business and the trust they engender, Westfield Health have helped to create a true partnership.

Malcolm Williamson
Commercial & Enterprise Director

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