Gemini are the UKs largest independent motor bodyshop group.

What was your motivation for investing in wellbeing?

Our staff wellbeing is very important to us and always has been. Covid-19 has affected all of us in some way and we wanted to make sure that we have more awareness on the impact this may have had on our staff and their mental health.

We were very keen to have Mental Health First Aiders within our business and have a wider awareness of mental health issues throughout our sites.

How did Westfield Health’s products help your company?

Firstly we had a brilliant Mental Health Awareness webinar, which was delivered to over 50 members of our staff including our General Managers. The session covered various topics and was an insightful overview of mental health. We also had the webinar recorded to allow us to engage future team members in the same way.

The second service was the Mental Health First Aider course. We have initially put three senior team members on this course, which gives our staff access to someone to turn to if they need it. This course was once again very good and thorough, with a perfect mix of pre-learning as well as insightful content on the course learning days. Cathy, the trainer, was extremely knowledgeable on all the topics and her delivery and group interaction were first class.

What did you like about Westfield Health’s approach?

From our first meeting with Sam Holdaway it’s been fantastic. Sam is very personable and really understood our business needs to help guide us to the decisions about which services to choose. The choices presented to us have helped us achieve what we set out and have also given us lots of thoughts for our next wellbeing initiatives.



The business is now in a better position from a mental health awareness point of view.







Business challenge

Business challenge(s):

Build a positive culture

Thanks to Westfield Health, as a business we are now in a better position from a mental health awareness point of view and we look forward to expanding and evolving in this area continually!

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