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What was your motivation for investing in wellbeing?

Colleague wellbeing is one of the key five focus areas at Sofology. Coming to work is no longer just about pay, it’s about the culture and how we look after our people. Westfield Health supports our colleagues with their emotional, physical, social, environmental and financial wellbeing.

We’re also putting a lot of emphasis on family wellbeing as this is what matters most to our colleagues. Westfield allows us to support the families of our hard working Sofologists by extending the scheme to their children.

What part of the health cash plan do your colleagues find most useful?

Through our many different ‘talk to us’ platforms, our colleagues have told us that they love the DoctorLine service. They find it reassuring that they can speak to a Doctor within a matter of hours in most cases. This is currently being used quite a lot given the pressures on the NHS through the pandemic.

What impact have you seen since using our services?

We have seen an increase in the utilisation of our cash plan, therefore helping to improve our colleagues’ health and wellbeing. Westfield Health have worked tirelessly to ensure that every colleague knows the great services on offer to them. We have some fantastic utilisation of the scheme, this is down to the close relationship we have with Westfield Health and our shared goal of doing the best we can to help colleagues.



Sofology have seen an increase in the utilisation of the cash plan, therefore helping to improve employees' health and wellbeing.



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Westfield Health is well known in the industry as the market leader, therefore helps with our employer brand to help attract and ultimately retain the best people!

Jack Thompson
People Business Partner Sofology

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