South Yorkshire Pensions Authority is responsible for administering the Local Government Pension Scheme in South Yorkshire.

What additional wellbeing support were you looking to provide for your employees?

We wanted to expand on the work of our Health, Safety and Wellbeing (HS&W) Committee and structure our initiatives around a calendar of themes and we found the package you offered met these needs. Using the Health Calendar allowed us to cover a wide range of topics with lots of information and resources that we may not have had the time to coordinate in-house.

We recently opted to add the Westfield Health webinars to complement the wellbeing calendar and help us to increase our wellbeing offer for employees. We found by choosing four webinars that were inclusive and of interest to our employees that this helped to boost interest in overall wellbeing, allowing us to provide more communications and events for our people on these topics and raise the profile.

The calendar has also led to us creating our own monthly “Morning Mix” events, these are themed around health and wellbeing topics and allow employees to get together for half an hour in the office. These have proved very popular!

What impact have you seen as a result of the wellbeing initiatives?

Overall, we have had lots of positive feedback from employees. The increased wellbeing activity and offer has even helped with recruitment of new members to the HS&W Committee who want to have a say in future topics. We’ve also seen increased engagement and interest in wellbeing initiatives from employees, which has helped us to provide further training on topics such as menopause and mindfulness.



South Yorkshire Pensions Authority saw increased engagement and interest in wellbeing initiatives from their employees.



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Employee engagement & retention

We are really impressed with the variety and quality of materials you provide as part of the Health Calendar.

Assistant Director – Resources
South Yorkshire Pensions Authority

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