With our Health and Lifestyle Screening Programme, you can take positive steps to building a healthy company. You'll be empowering your staff by giving them the information they need to make informed lifestyle decisions, helping them to be healthier, fitter, more motivated and engaged.

For your employees:

  • Confidential 1-2-1 appointment with an experienced Health Coach
  • Instant results and a personal report, presented in easy to understand traffic light guide format
  • Advice for making positive lifestyle changes
  • GP referral letter if required
  • 1 month access to our Wellbeing Resources website to help support staff improve their health and wellbeing

For you - your company report:

Following your employee health screenings, we'll provide you with a high level company report, including:

  • Employee engagement/ participation levels
  • Health and wellbeing overview in traffic light guide format
  • Organisational health profile with comparisons to the 'average workplace population'
  • Customised segmentation of data to highlight hotspots, if required
  • Employee feedback to help you monitor service quality

Your report can be used as an audit tool enabling you to proactively develop your wellbeing priorities. A year on year analysis of health profile changes and trends is provided when annual screening programmes are carried out.

A minimum of 10 employee screenings are required in order to supply this report and maintain employee anonymity.

Get in touch to find out more

Get in touch to find out more

We can help you:

  • Plan your strategy
  • Achieve your objectives
  • Evaluate your return

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