Take care of yourself and your family

Bill likes his cash plan because of the peace of mind it gives him. It helps him with his own health, as he can claim back most of the cost of his physiotherapy and chiropody treatments. Now his parents are getting older it helps him not to worry too much about them either. He’s already called the Telephone Care Advisory Service a few times for support and advice on getting the best care for them.

Be prepared for unexpected bills

Henrietta’s eyes and teeth started to cause her problems since turning 60. She was shocked to learn that following her latest dental appointment, she needed two crowns. Band 3 treatment is expensive, and this bill coincided with the need for reading glasses. Henrietta doesn’t have much money spare at the end of each month, so these bills could have caused her real financial issues. Thankfully, Henrietta had a Level 4 health cash plan which allowed her to claim back both bills in full.

What our customers say about us

“My claim was sorted in less than a week, which was helpful as I needed the cash. Thank you”

Loise Mbogo

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“Efficiency at its best. Very quick and reliable.”

Teresa Oosterlaak

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“Very efficient and friendly. Claimed for my new glasses and only joined 2 weeks before.”

Marlene Allwood

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“Love the benefits and how easy it is to use this service! Has definitely helped me get the healthcare I need.”

William Hall

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“Brilliant service, not too much trouble to claim your money back. Helpful customer service.”

Judith Simmonds

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How it works

Choose your practitioner, attend your appointment and receive your treatment

Pay for your treatment as normal and remember to keep hold of the receipt

Submit your claim online including a picture of your receipt, or send it through the post

We’ll process online claims within 2 working days of receiving it and pay the money straight into your bank account

Want to know more?

Watch our short video to find out more about health cash plans and how the benefits can help you cover the cost of everyday healthcare.

Cover starts from just £7.63 a month

Follow the link to view the full benefit table to compare plan levels and prices for you and your partner.