Accessible Private Health Insurance

Waiting for surgery can be a stressful time, and have a significant impact on your quality of life. At Westfield Health, we’re here to support you lead a happier, healthier life and believe that good health cover should be accessible to all.

With our Hospital Treatment Insurance you’ll receive prompt diagnosis and referral, faster access to treatment and get back to your fit and healthy best as soon as possible. 

Days wait on NHS

Source: Private Healthcare UK self-pay Market Study 2015

The healthcare needs of the UK are changing

As our population grows, with people living longer and with treatments become more expensive, the NHS is under more pressure than ever before - with 3 million+ people currently on waiting lists.

Introducing Hospital Treatment Insurance

Simply put, our Hospital Treatment Insurance provides fast access to private treatment at an affordable price. So, you can benefit from cover that gives you peace of mind, without having to pay the earth.

How it works…

All our claims are managed by a dedicated team so when you call us, you’ll be allocated your own case manager who will guide and support you through the entire process and settle any bills directly, taking away the stress so you can focus on your treatment and recovery.

We have access to a wide range of consultants, hospitals and treatment centres across the country, so you choose where and when you receive your care. And, your premiums won’t be affected by the location you choose or by the claims you make.

See how hospital treatment insurance worked for Anya

Tailor your cover to suit your needs and budget

We understand that buying health insurance is a big decision, and can come with a price tag. But we believe that good health cover should be an affordable option for everyone. We keep our prices down by only covering new conditions and by excluding heart and cancer cover – areas which the NHS already prioritises.

Our Hospital Treatment Insurance puts you in control, giving you a choice of two levels of cover – Access Surgery Premier, or Access Surgery – which you can adapt to build the most suitable cover for you by:

  • Choosing whether you want to pay an excess
  • adding outpatient care

Key features

  • Covers most surgical procedures, except heart or cancer related treatment
  • Access to prompt private treatment near you
  • £1000 optional Outpatient benefit to pay for specialist consultations, diagnostic tests and scans
  • Post-operative physiotherapy (when you select the Outpatient benefit)
  • No medical is required
  • Immediate cover for new conditions
  • Our small dedicated team will arrange everything for you
  • Choose from a wide range of private and NHS hospitals
  • It pays out if you choose the NHS option
  • 3 surgical procedures covered per year, up to a maximum of £250,000 during the lifetime of cover

What we don't cover

  • Treatment related to cancer or heart disease (although cancer-related surgical procedures are excluded, we'll cover you when cancer is suspected but not yet confirmed i.e biopsies)
  • Pre-existing medical conditions are not covered until you've had no symptoms, treatment or advice for two consecutive years from the date your cover starts
  • We only cover surgical procedures for acute conditions, chronic conditions are excluded

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