BDHL needed a cash plan to suit the needs of all their clients and their employees – it needed to be affordable, tangible and family friendly. The Foresight Health Cash Plan ticked all the boxes.

How did we help

  • Provided a solution to all their clients’ healthcare needs regardless of budget
  • Straightforward and simple claims process
  • Excellent service and fast resolution to any problems that may arise

In the words of our customers

“The administration and claims process at Westfield Health is simple and efficient. The service, support and care our clients receive are why we recommend Westfield Health time and time again.”

Brett Clifton, Senior Account Manager, Berwick Devoil Healthcare Ltd



LEBC Group Ltd

LEBC Group Ltd offers both health cash plans and private medical insurance to their clients, but they were searching for a product that could fill the gap. The solution was Westfield Health’s hospital treatment insurance.

How did we help

  • Affordable and innovative
  • Focuses on employee health and wellbeing
  • Broadens the healthcare offering

In the words of our customers

“Hospital treatment insurance has enabled us to offer a product that focuses on the health and wellbeing of employees without the financial burden that other healthcare products can carry. By using hospital treatment insurance, we have been able to assist our clients to broaden their healthcare offering and, in turn, our own prospective client base. The Westfield Health team offer an extremely professional and knowledgeable service and we have been really impressed with the usability of the product.”

Stella Trussler, Consultant