Around a quarter of women in the workforce are of menopausal age, yet many face a lack of awareness from their employer or colleagues.

With several studies reporting that women feel the menopause impacts their performance at work, employers have a responsibility to increase understanding and provide guidance for their people.

Studies show that menopause symptoms can have a significant impact on attendance and performance in the workplace. Research found that 84% of employees would like their workplace to offer more advice and support around the menopause.

Our free resources can help you create a culture that makes your employees feel comfortable and supported.

Menopause fact sheets

We’ve created two factsheets, one for leaders and one for employees, clearing up some common myths about the menopause and raising awareness of how the menopause might impact people in the workplace.

Blog: Supporting your people with menopause in the workplace

This short blog post contains all the information from our fact sheets in an easy-to-read format. You could also share the link with colleagues to help raise awareness.

Resources for HR professionals

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How to support your people with menopause in the workplace

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