From SMEs to multinational organisations, working parents and carers will make up a significant proportion of the workforce.

With an aging population and the recent announcements for improving access to free childcare, the number of colleagues with caring responsibilities is estimated to increase to one in six by 2040.

Webinar – How employers can support working parents and carers

The need to support employees with caring responsibilities is more important than ever before. Watch our webinar where our experts discuss the challenges faced by working parents and caregivers and the solutions and policies that organisations can put in place to create a supportive culture.

What you’ll learn:
  • Challenges faced by working parents and caregivers
  • Why employers should support working parents and caregivers
  • Developing a culture that supports employees by creating a balanced and inclusive workplace
  • Solutions and policies to create a supportive and inclusive culture
Our expert panellists:
  • Elizabeth Willetts – Founder and Director, Investing in Women
  • Vicky Walker – Group Director of People, Westfield Health
Hosted by:
  • Claire Drayton, Health & Wellbeing Consultant – Westfield Health
  • Matthew Edwards – Head of Customer Experience, Westfield Health

Advice and resources

Supporting working parents and caregivers

Advice and resources to help employers support their people who have caring responsibilities.

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