Join us at The Orange Table to find out about the impact of health and wellbeing and the importance of organisational culture on employee productivity and performance. The debates also explore how to evaluate health and wellbeing interventions and measure the return on investment.

Our expert panel is made up of:

  • David Capper, CEO, Westfield Health
  • Donna Griffiths, Director of HR & Employee Wellbeing, Westfield Health
  • Louisa Harrison-Walker, Managing Director, Benchmark Recruit
  • Dr Anouska Carter, Sport and Senior Sport and Exercise Science Officer, Sheffield Hallam University (Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre)

Watch the full three part series below


You will learn:

  • The challenges businesses are facing today
  • What makes organisations take wellbeing seriously
  • What a productive workforce really looks like
  • How to increase employee productivity
  • How empowerment improves employee productivity


You will learn:

  • The benefits of great organisational culture
  • How organisational culture affects productivity
  • What HR can do to build company culture
  • The signs of a toxic workplace culture
  • If building culture is a top-down or bottom-up process
  • How culture can reinvent an organisation


You will learn:

  • Why it’s important to measure and evaluate interventions
  • How quickly you can start to see results
  • How to effectively measure productivity
  • How to measure the ROI of a health and wellbeing strategy
  • Other added values of a health and wellbeing strategy

A follow up CPD accredited course will shortly become available. You’ll gain CPD hours and learn more about productivity, building great company culture and the evaluation of health and wellbeing interventions, as well as obtain free fact sheets and action plans to take away and get started on making a positive difference within your organisation.

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