British Transplant Games
World Transplant Games

We’re passionate about supporting people to be the best they can be

As a not for profit organisation, we’ve been making a healthy difference to the quality of life of our customers and the communities in which they live and work since 1919. Giving back is in our nature - we’ve donated over £15,000,000 to the NHS and health and wellbeing charities to improve the lives of people and communities across the UK.

We’ve been sponsoring the British Transplant Games for over ten years and this year we’re incredibly proud to sponsor the World Transplant Games. We’re passionate about raising awareness of organ donation and the life-changing impact it has on so many people. With over 6,000 people waiting for a transplant, we want to encourage people to join the Organ Donation Register and support transplant recipients to get active.

Westfield Health British Transplant Games 25 - 28 July

This year’s Westfield Health British Transplant Games will take place in Newport from 25 - 28 July. Transplant survivors from as young as five will compete in more than 25 sporting events for all abilities.

Expecting to attract more than 850 transplant recipient athletes and more than 1,500 supporters, the Games are organised on behalf of Transplant Sport, a charity aiming to raise awareness of the need for organ donation, encourage transplant recipients to lead active lifestyles, and thank and remember donors and their families.

World Transplant Games 17 - 24 August

This year the World Transplant Games take place in NewcastleGateshead over 17 - 24 August.

The Games provide an opportunity for the 3,000 participants from over 60 countries to compete in sporting events. The athletes, their families and communities will come together and celebrate life-saving organ and tissue transplantation and the gift of a second chance at life.

Helen’s Story

Helen Wilson - double transplant recipient, British Transplant Games athlete and World Transplant Games athlete - shares her life-changing story.

Our Chairman, Graham Moore, has been a keen supporter of the Games for many years

“The Games are such a wonderful event that celebrates the transplant community and showcases the inspirational stories of those who have received and donated organs. It’s a great opportunity for the competitors, their families and supporters to come together to celebrate the ’gift of life’, and raise awareness of the impact organ donation has.

Not everyone can be a hero in life, but we can all be heroes in death by signing up to the Organ Donor Register and letting your loved ones know your wishes.

I’m so excited for this year’s Games and can’t wait to see so many people from around the world come together to compete, share life-changing stories and celebrate their gift of life. I wish everyone involved a fantastic and successful Games.”

Join the Organ Donation Register

Right now across the UK, there are around 6,088 people are waiting for a transplant. Sadly, three people die every day who could have benefited from an organ transplant. We need more people to join the Organ Donation Register and let their family know their wishes.

It only takes a couple of minutes to register, and by doing so, you could save up to eight lives.